About The Soapy Co.

Humble beginnings to grand ambitions

My name is Jamie (picture below) and I created The Soapy Co. back in late 2019. I gained inspiration from lots of online media about the beautiful art of creating luxurious, handmade products in the comfort of my own home. I started experimenting with cold-process soap making, as well as handmade moisturising bars, and the idea quickly grew into something I knew I could share with other people. 


Fast-forward to today, and The Soapy Co. has grown into something that even at this early stage, that I never thought possible! It has been an incredible process seeing my ideas come to fruition and to have the opportunity to express my creativity each and every day!


The Soapy Co. is driven by a love of small-batch, handmade products that are environmentally conscious and beautifully crafted. I had a burning desire to help to replace the billions of tonnes of plastics that are needlessly discarded around the globe with genuine, wholesome products that do wonders for not only your skin, but which do not harm the environment. 


Our green ethos is at the core of everything we do here at The Soapy Co. and we use only the best ingredients to create products that are suitable for you and your family, all the while challenging big-brand cosmetics and giving you an amazingly touchable, smellable and visual experience! 


Our online shop is available all year round, and we will also be showing up at craft fairs and pop-ups across the country, so do be sure to say hello!

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